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Structural Engineering


Vision Engineers Australia believe that good structural engineering input into the project at the early stages of the concept design can provide significant construction savings and reduce the documentation time frames.

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Civil and Stormwater Management Plans

Stormwater Management Plans are often required as part of your Development Application, whether it's an addition to the existing building or a new build, depending on Council requirements. In some cases the design may be as simple as noting the existing stormwater management system and connecting the new addition into the existing. In other cases, Council require a more detailed Stormwater Plan. 

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Geotechnical Engineering

Vision Engineers Australia have equipment and capability to undertaken soil testing for residential footings as per AS2870 - 2011. Our equipment is light and versatile, meaning we can access tight localities and drilling will have minimal impact on existing landscaping/gardens. 

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Forensic Engineering and Dilapidation Reports

Vision Engineers can undertake Dilapidation investigation and assessments and provide written report or verbal advice, depending on your requirements and budget. 
We can provide advice regarding different aspects of concern, remedial options, possible design work required and if required undertake the remedial design for you.

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