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Geotechnical Engineering

Our services include: 

  • Site inspections/investigations for site classification

  • Slope Stability reports

  • Geotechnical risk assessment and reports

  • Footing design

  • Footing inspections

  • Site Feasibility Studies (residential and commercial)

Vision Engineers Australia have equipment and capability to undertaken soil testing for residential footings as per AS2870 - 2011. Our equipment is light and versatile, meaning we can access tight localities and drilling will have minimal impact on existing landscaping/gardens.

Typically for a new construction 3 x 50mm diameter bore holes are drilled to determine the soil profile and characteristics. For extensions this is usually reduced to 2 bore holes. Some footing types may not even require soil testing, as the design is based on conservative soil profile assumptions and flexible construction materials.

Along with the soil testing for your reference and to provide to the Local Council for Development Approval, Vision Engineers will provide a geotechnical report stating the soil profile, classification as per AS2870 and provide a copy of the CSIRO sheet 10-91 for reference.

We can also undertake soil testing for commercial and industrial footings, or if our equipment is unable to drill to the required depth we can organise another contractor to undertake the testing.

So if you have concerns about the condition of your footings please don't hesitate to contact Vision Engineers Australia to discuss possible causes, maintenance works and arrange a site visit for one of our engineers to visit and inspect your property for possible causes of the concern/damage.

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