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Frequently Asked Questions

I am unsure of what exactly i need, can you help with my query?
We sure can! Either call us on 0490 444 007 or email us at and we will help determine what your project requires to achieve your desired outcome.

I missed critical stage PCA inspections - can VEA do them? 

Yes we can! If a certifier was required to do an inspection or an engineer was required to design it and Council/PCA have asked for you to get an Engineers Certificate for certain items required to get approval - give us a call and we will do your inspection and have your certification done as soon as possible so you are not delayed.

Council have asked for certification of my retaining wall/pool/other structure before I can get my occupancy certificate, what do I do?
You will need to engage an engineer to inspect the structure and provide a structural certificate confirming that the structure is constructed as per the plans/specifications and is fit for the intended purpose.


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