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(02) 4304 2011

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About us

Services we provide

Vision Engineers Australia has a passion in helping clients achieve their construction goals, whether removing a post or building a large addition, we work with you to get the best result. Vision Engineers Australia services Newcastle and the Hunter, Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast.

Our Process

Fee Agreement

When a quote is requested we send out a Fee Agreement so that if you want the project to go ahead you can sign and your project can get underway as fast as possible. The Fee Agreement and a 50% upfront payment is required to begin works on your project.

Commencement of Project

One of our Engineers will make sure they are informed about the site before commencing design work. This may just be a phone call to get information or your project may require an upfront inspection which is generally qu0ted at the beginning.


Once your project is completed you will be sent the drawings and the associated invoice. If small changes are needed - this is the time to tell us. If the change is bigger than a quick change there will be additional fees and can only be done once the original invoice is paid in full.  

We believe that clear communication is a key factor in achieving the best outcome for your project.

Feel free to email us on or call us on (02) 4304 2011

Principal Engineer, Director and Co-owner

Murray has worked in various roles within the construction industry for over 10 years and comes from a construction background, with his career beginning in the structural repair and restoration of damaged houses and commercial buildings in South Australia. 

For the last 8 years he has been working as a Structural & Forensic Engineer. This has provided Murray with a has a sound understanding of the design of new houses and he has the ability to analyse and assess the causes of damage when structures have issues. 

Murray has extensive experience working on all sorts of projects ranging from medium density projects (50+ dwelling developments) with large builders to working closely with homeowners just looking to remove that annoying post in the kitchen bench preventing the new kitchen upgrade.

Murray has worked on the following types of projects:

  • Additions/extensions (up/down/in/out)        

  • Single, double or triple storey dwellings

  • Multi-dwelling sites

  • Stormwater design

  • Removal of walls, posts, beams (including strata titled units)

  • Inspections for causes of damages to walls, floors, roof or ceiling

  • Dilapidation reports for existing structures that could be affected by an adjacent new construction (including new houses, demolition of old houses and various range of civil works such as road, rail and earthworks.

Murray has a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Structural) with First Class Honours and is a Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia (Civil & Structural Colleges).

Contact Vision Engineers to discuss how we can assist with your new project.

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